Tips & Tricks For Making Homemade Ice Cream

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Tips & Tricks For Making Homemade Ice Cream


It’s a harmonious blend of fat, milk solids nonfat (huh!?), sugar, and air. Ice cream is actually all about science and while we have zero interest in writing a book on ice cream composition, we do need to give you some pro tips on making stellar homemade ice cream because some things are just unavoidable.  

True Scoops mixes are made with the perfect blend of premium, tasty ingredients that will make your homemade ice cream dreams come true each and every time. There are purists out there who could and will eat vanilla bean ice cream for life, but most of us probably want to jazz it up with cookies, candy, nuts, or fruit. 

In this blog post we are going to guide you through the ice cream basics so you don’t make the same mistakes we did when we first started. Don’t see what info you’re looking for? We’re always ready to help you out! Email us at



We have two preferred methods of making ice cream at home. Ideally, with an ice cream maker, but if not, with a blender! Read more below. 

QUESTION: Why isn't my ice cream maker freezing the mixture?
The ice cream freezer bowl isn’t frozen solid.Freezer bowls need to be in the freezer for a full 24 hours! If your bowl isn’t frozen solid, your ice cream won’t churn properly. You can always melt any partially frozen ice cream and store it in the fridge, covered, while your bowl properly freezes. Churn the ice cream again per the manufacturer's instructions. 

Pro Tip: Keep the freezer bowl in the freezer at all times so you can make ice cream whenever you want.

OR It didn’t churn long enough.Read your manufacturer’s instruction manual (these can often be found online if you can’t find yours) and let it churn the appropriate amount of time so it can freeze creamy and smooth. The ice cream should have the thickness of soft serve and not be wet or shiny looking. It should have a bit of a matte sheen to it. 

QUESTION: I don’t have an ice cream maker, can I still make ice cream? 
Absolutely! If you have ice cube trays and a blender you can make really good ice cream! Follow these simple instructions and tips. 

  • Whisk True Scoops ice cream mix and 2 ¼ cups Half & Half until thoroughly combined
  • Pour into ice cube trays and freeze until solid
  • Place ½ cup cold Half & Half in the blender first and then add the frozen ice cream cubes, 1-2 cubes a time, while blending on high speed so the blender doesn’t get jammed.
  • Pour mixture into an airtight container, top with parchment paper and lid, then freeze until firm (about 3 hours)

Pro Tips: 
- We recommend using silicone ice cube trays as the cubes are much easier to pop out. If you only have the hard plastic ice trays you’ll need a butter knife to insert into an edge of each cube in order for it to pop out. If the cube breaks, it’s ok, it’s all getting blended anyway!

- Place empty silicone trays on a freezer-safe board or plate, fill the trays, and place in the freezer. This helps avoid spills as the silicone trays are quite flexible.

- Do not add more than ½ cup Half & Half. Adding more liquid means the ice cream will have an icy texture when frozen. You want the mixture to be super thick! 


You can't have a sundae without some kind of sauce. Our hot fudge and salted butterscotch are so dang good, but can be taken to the next level. Find out how.

QUESTION: My sauce is too thin.  Can I thicken it more? 
Our sauces will thicken slightly as they cool. If it’s still too thin for your liking, cook on the stovetop, over medium heat, for a few minutes longer or until you’ve reached the desired thickness. 

QUESTION: My sauce is too thick. Can I thin it out?
Thin the sauce out with Half & Half, 1 teaspoon at a time until you’ve reached the desired consistency.

QUESTION: I want to flavor my sauce. What’s the best way to do this?
Add any spices or extracts at the end of the cooking process, adding in small increments until you reach the desired flavor.

Pro Tip: Hot Fudge Sauce pairs well with: Mint extract, Instant Coffee, Cayenne Pepper, or Cinnamon!

Pro Tip: Salted Butterscotch Sauce pairs well with: Honey, Dark Rum, Cinnamon, or Maple Syrup. 


Mix-ins are any kind of goodie that you would add to ice cream. They're often cookies, candy, and nuts. Read more to find out when to add them and which should be used as toppings. 

QUESTION: When do I add mix-ins to my ice cream?
Cookies, candy, and nuts should be added to the ice cream maker during the last minute of churning. Alternatively, you can sprinkle these in between layers of ice cream while transferring to an airtight container.

QUESTION: Any tips for different kinds of mix-ins? 

FRUIT is composed of a lot of water. Toss fresh fruit into ice cream and it'll freeze into icy chunks. Fresh fruit is best used as a topping but if you're adamant on putting fruit in your ice cream, we recommend cooking your fruit (with some added sugar). Be sure to drain any excess liquid before adding to your ice cream (save it for a cocktail!) This will a) cook out the water content and b) enhance the fruit flavor. 

NUTS can get soft and mealy the longer the ice cream sits in the freezer. Toasted nuts coated in chocolate or candy coating may hold their crunch longer. If you love a crunchy nut, it’s best to either eat your ice cream as soon as it’s firmed up or just use them as a topping.

BOOZE should be kept to a minimum or else your ice cream won’t freeze properly. Add 1-2 fl oz of your favorite spirit to the ice cream mix before churning. Serve only to adults that are 21+ years old. 

COOKIES will get soft in frozen ice cream. If you want crunchy cookies, serve them as a topping.

CANDY can be tricky. Stick with candy bars, crispy bars, or anything that’s soft in general. Anything else like taffy, gummies, honeycomb candy or cotton candy may freeze rock hard, liquify, or pull out a filling it's so sticky. 

CHOCOLATE CHIPS. Don’t throw in store-bought chocolate chips! They have stabilizers in them and when frozen they will be hard and chalky.

Pro Tip: Melt the chocolate chips and a neutral oil (for every 2 oz of choc use 1 tsp oil) and spread in a thin layer on parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Place in the freezer for 10-15 minutes and then chop it up into small pieces.  


No one wants freezer burned ice cream. Here's some helpful info to keep your ice cream fresh, and scoopable. 

QUESTION: My ice cream is rock hard, what's the best way to soften it?
Do NOT use the microwave. Let the ice cream sit in the fridge for 30 minutes to slowly thaw. Or let it sit on the counter for 15 minutes. 

QUESTION: What's the best type of container to store my ice cream in? 
We recommend an insulated, shallow container with a lid . Our fave is the Glide-A-Scoop from Tovolo.

QUESTION: Are there any extra steps I can take to avoid freezer burn? 
Yes! We strongly recommend placing a piece of parchment paper on top of your fresh ice cream before putting it in the freezer.  

QUESTION: Where should I store my ice cream in the freezer? 
In the far back where it's the coldest. Avoid the door as things fall out and is warmer. 

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