A Message From The Founders

April 14, 2023 3 min read

A Message From The Founders

Welcome to our True Scoops blog where we share our passion for ice cream with fun recipes, stories, and our message that ice cream is love!


We’re Kelly and Shelly, friends and founders of True Scoops. Fate (and ice cream) brought us together from very different, yet not so different ends of the world, and now we’re excited to share our recipes and memories with you too.

Here’s a little bit about who we are and where we’re from:

Hello there! I’m Kelly, and I grew up in Massachusetts, in a small seaside town called Manchester-by-the-Sea that is home to one of my favorite beaches of all time, Singing Beach. The water is clear, waves are gentle, and the sand ‘sings’ when you walk through it, which is how it got its moniker. As a child, I would dig holes there (aiming for China as my destination of course), build drip castles, worship the sun, and just enjoy being in my natural element. A post-beach ritual that I still hold to this day (at 40 years young), is to get an ice cream cone. With tanned skin on the verge of being burnt, sand and salt in my hair, barefoot, and in a still-damp bathing suit, I always order my usual mint chocolate chip on a sugar cone with chocolate jimmies. Yep,jimmies— it’s a New England thing, don’t try and tell me otherwise!

I think that’s what sparked my love of ice cream. I am always happy when I eat it and I can connect back to those perfect days at the beach. Slinging scoops even became one of my first jobs at a local ice cream shop! It was always trouble, but in the best way because I was working with my friends. We were sneaking scoops, flirting with boys, and blasting the top hits of 90s pop music. It was simply the best summer ever! I guess ice cream had imprinted on me so much because fast forward more than a decade later, and I launched my first businessThe Galley Ice Cream, named after my long and narrow galley kitchen where I spent countless hours testing recipe after recipe. And now here I am, taking the lessons learned of my highs and lows of the Galley and applying them to my second ice cream business,True Scoops!

Hi! I’m Shelly. I’m from the gorgeous (and hot!) Caribbean country Trinidad and Tobago, and now live in Brooklyn, New York. Ice cream for me is love and childhood. It reminds me of being together with my two brothers, little sister and our cousins Terry and Nita. My grandparents lived in the capital city, in a bustling fishing community near the sea. As kids, we loved going to their house on the weekend,  because it came with one very special perk—Homemade Ice Cream! My grandmother had an old-fashioned ice cream bucket that she'd let us use to make ice cream the traditional way. She would set it up in the yard because we were loud and messy (her words! lol). We were a group of six, siblings and cousins, and we would all fight to add the milk, churn the handle (that was so faulty and stiff it took two of us littles to even work it properly), and do the taste-testing.

We always made coconut ice cream because there was a huge tree at the back of the house with a constant supply of delicious coconuts. Our evenings were spent sitting on the rocks outside in Granny Sylvia’s backyard, fighting for the sweet leftover milk at the bottom of the bucket. Ice cream is so near and dear to me because it was family time, and nothing mattered more to us than Sunday evenings together, churning away at the bucket after eating Sunday lunch.

We hope you stick around to see our monthly posts on the blog! We have so many fun ice cream recipes you can make at home, as well as tips and quirky tidbits about, you got it: ICE CREAM! We’re so glad to have you here with us.


Kelly & Shelly

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