A Message From The Founders

May 17, 2021 2 min read

A Message From The Founders

We are ice cream makers, yes, but more than that we are ice cream lovers. Our 15 years of combined experience creating new flavors are easily outdone by our lifelong love for eating them. So when we see so many people making cupcakes, brownies and cookies at home, we can’t help but ask...

Where’s the homemade ice cream?!

We wanted to make homemade ice cream just as popular and convenient as any other dessert you can whip up on your own, so we created True Scoops Ice Cream powder mixes. Our checklist included that the product be fun and easy to make, cheap and simple to ship, and accessible to everyone! After one year testing our ice cream and topping formulas, we have come up with a revolutionary blend of products that are so user friendly, they’re practically fool proof. No ice cream maker? No problem. You just need a blender and an ice cube tray. And we don’t stop there! There are so many innovative lines in the works at True Scoops, like sorbets mixes, keto-friendly mixes, vegan mixes and a heck of a lot more dairy flavors and toppings.

Every one of our ingredients can be found at the back of a shop-bought pint of premium ice cream. Our goal was to make our mixes comparable to a traditional pint that you are used to getting at the store. Our vision is that more people will be making their own ice cream at home with family and friends, or solo when they want to keep it all to themselves! (If you know, you know.)

Thank you for showing us so much love and support as we work our butts off becoming a brand staple like the rest of your everyday household pantry favorites. We are excited to see more and more cups stacked high with scoops of homemade ice cream!

So let’s knock our cones together, and say cheers to a sweet adventure!

Shelly & Kelly

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