What's The Difference Between Frozen Custard And Ice Cream?

December 27, 2023 3 min read

Assortment of custards

Frozen custard and ice cream are like cousins in the frozen treat family – both are deliciously creamy, but they each have their own special twist. Think of frozen custard as the rich, smooth relative with a luxurious texture, while ice cream is the classic, light, and fluffy favorite. To really understand what sets them apart, though, we need to dive into their unique ingredients and the magic behind how they're made.

What is Frozen Custard?

Frozen custard is a creamy, cold dessert similar to ice cream but made with eggs in addition to cream and sugar. Its unique preparation results in a smoother, richer texture and flavor compared to traditional ice cream.

Frozen Custard Ingredients: 

  • Cream: The foundation of frozen custard, contributing to its luxurious texture.
  • Milk:Blended seamlessly with cream, enhancing the overall creaminess of the dessert.
  • Sugar:A sweetening agent that balances and elevates the flavor profile.
  • Egg Yolks: The star ingredient, providing both a velvety smoothness and a deeper, more pronounced flavor to the frozen custard.

When it comes to flavor, the options are endless. You can add in anything from vanilla extract or cocoa powder for a classic flavor, to fresh fruit purees or crushed cookies for a more unique and customized taste. The key is to use high-quality, fresh ingredients to ensure the best possible outcome.

What Does Frozen Custard Taste Like?

Frozen custard tastes incredibly creamy and rich, more so than traditional ice cream. It has this smooth, velvety texture that just melts in your mouth. The flavor is deeply milky and sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. There's this delightful custard-like taste, thanks to the egg yolks used in the recipe, which adds a subtle richness and depth that's quite different from other frozen desserts. It's indulgent, comforting, and has a luxurious feel that makes each spoonful a real treat.

What is the Nutritional Value of Frozen Custard?

Indulging in frozen custard is not just a treat for your taste buds but also a dive into the nutritional facts – with a sprinkle of fun of course! 

  • Calories: Frozen custard tends to be a bit heavier on the calorie scale compared to its chilly counterparts. The delectable mix of cream, milk, sugar, and egg yolks means you're treating yourself to a flavorful experience, but it's wise to savor it in moderation.
  • Fat Content: Brace yourself for a bit of fat, as the egg yolks and creamy components contribute to that luscious texture. While it's part of what makes frozen custard so irresistible, keeping an eye on your overall fat intake is a good practice.
  • Protein: Don't let the indulgence fool you – there's a dash of protein in that delightful concoction. The milk and egg yolks team up to give you a modest protein boost, adding a bit of balance to the decadence.
  • Sugar: Sweet, sweet sugar! While it enhances the overall flavor, it's the part of the equation that nudges frozen custard into the "treat yourself" category. Be mindful, but don't forget to enjoy the sweetness that makes this dessert a joyful experience.

So, there you have it – a peek into the nutritional side of frozen custard. While it might not be your everyday snack, it certainly brings a smile to your taste buds when enjoyed responsibly. Cheers to savoring the deliciousness while keeping a healthy balance!

Which is Better? Frozen Custard or Ice Cream?

As avid enthusiasts of frozen delights here at True Scoops, we often find ourselves pondering the eternal question: Which is better, frozen custard or ice cream? In our collective experience, we appreciate the unique charm of both treats. Ultimately, the answer to the "better" choice is a matter of personal preference, and we, the team at True Scoops, celebrate the delightful diversity of frozen treats, ensuring there's something for every palate to love!

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