Charles River Mud Sundaes

April 16, 2024 1 min read

Charles River Mud Sundaes

I Love That Dirty Water

Oh, Boston, you're my home! If you're familiar with the gritty tune from the Standells, you know where we're going. We're delving into the world of the Charles River, but instead as a tantalizing creation from True Scoops that pays homage to the murky mysteries of the iconic Boston waterway. 

First things first, let's talk about the star of the show: True Scoops chocolate ice cream mix, magically transformed into a mocha flavor that is as brown as the sludge that lurks at the bottom. In between the silty layers, er scoops, are Oreo cookie crumbles and chocolate flakes. 

To truly capture the essence of the Charles River, we need to sprinkle on some authentic debris. Fear not, we're not foraging the actual riverbanks for trash, bazookas, dead bodies, or even an alligator (all found) – instead, reach for a handful of chopped chocolate-covered espresso beans. These little nuggets not only resemble the rocks of the river, but also provide a delightful crunch that contrasts perfectly with the creamy ice cream. Drizzle on True Scoops hot fudge sauce on top as an extra layer of gooey delight. 

Now, here's where the dark humor comes in: as you're indulging in your Charles River Mud sundae, take a moment to ponder the irony of enjoying a dessert inspired by a river infamous for its less-than-pristine waters. But fear not, our Charles River Mud sundae is guaranteed to be free of any unsavory surprises. 

Who knew exploring the depths could be this delicious? Maybe Whitey Bulger did, but he's not a rat and would never tell... 



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