Is Ice Cream a Good First Date? 3 Reasons Why

March 10, 2024 2 min read

Is Ice Cream a Good First Date? 3 Reasons Why

In a world where first impressions are everything, nothing says 'relaxed and genuine' quite like the playful, shared experience of choosing your favorite flavors on an ice cream date. You know better than anyone else, that a bond over ice cream is a sure way to scoop that special someone off their feet! 

It Shows You Love The Simple Things 

Choosing ice cream as the centerpiece for a first date speaks volumes about appreciating the simple joys in life. It's a declaration that happiness doesn't always lie in grand gestures or lavish settings but can be found in the pure, unadulterated delight of sharing a moment as simple as enjoying ice cream together. This choice reveals a person who values connection and conversation over material impressiveness, someone who understands that the foundation of a meaningful relationship is built on shared laughter and mutual enjoyment of life's small pleasures.

It Brings People Together

Ice cream has the power to dissolve barriers, invite smiles, incite laughter, and lighthearted conversation. It invites you to truly be vulnerable in the moment, from the innocent look on someone's face when they dive into a vanilla scoop and it gets on their nose, or telling that person the type of ice cream they’d be based on their Zodiac sign. Each person's selection reveals a bit about their personality, whether they're a risk-taker with a penchant for exotic flavors or a comfort-seeker drawn to the classics. This process of discovery fosters a sense of closeness and comfort.      

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You Can Make a Unique Experience Out of It

You were probably thinking about going to an ice cream shop this entire time, but did you know it's possible to capture an even greater thrill making it yourself at home? You don’t need an ice cream maker to make ice cream, here at True Scoops we created a way for you to make homemade ice cream without an ice cream maker. Creating a unique ice cream experience on a first date can set the tone for romantic chemistry, even show your date you know your stuff with cool ice cream science facts as you share a scoop together. 


Visit the Museum of Ice Cream! This unique venue combines the universal love for ice cream with art, creating a colorful and immersive experience. Walk through exhibits dedicated to ice cream's joy, snap playful photos together, and, of course, sample some unique flavors that you won't find anywhere else. You can even find True Scoops at the Chicago Museum of Ice Cream.

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Craving Ice Cream? 

Create your own rich and delicious homemade ice cream with True Scoops premium ice cream mix. Just pick your base flavor, choose from vanilla beanchocolate, or strawberry, follow the instructions, and enjoy!

If you’re looking to shake things up a bit from frozen yogurt, check out our new milkshake kit that comes complete with milkshake glasses, your choice of ice cream mix, your choice of dessert crumb topping, and cute heart-shaped straws!

Smooches, lovebirds! 

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